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The designers Sybille de Margerie
Sybille De Margerie

Sybille de Margerie leaves nothing to chance! Every object, shape, material or colour conjures up the soul and period of a particular room. She makes no concessions when it comes to the principles she holds dear: quality and comfort. Her goal is to convey an image that will remain in your mind, one that lives on to be a constant source of delight.

Indeed Sybille de Margerie is first and foremost an interior designer whose work consists in bringing out and enhancing a style which is already there. She has worked on a large number of hotels in France such as the Hôtel de Crillon, Hôtel Lutetia and Hôtel Cheval Blanc, as well as abroad on for instance the El Gezirah Sheraton Hotel.


From Depeche Mode to Amy Winehouse, Coldplay to Mylène Farmer and Radiohead, Robin has been taking photographs of the music world for the last twenty years.
Well-known faces to be rediscovered. Seen close up, without artifice. Light and shade.
Robin offers these artists a chance to be free, to be themselves and take a break.

A break, which Robin takes with the Grand Hotels, so often the epitome of intimacy.
Carte blanche at the Crillon. That is the challenge.
The photographer transcends everyday elegance to capture the sheer beauty of the place which he renders almost tangible by seizing its unique atmosphere.
The challenge is met! The Universe of luxury is faithfully, subtly restored.

Robin lives and reasons through his passion, every one of his senses alert to sound, silence, movement and emotion. Sybille de Margerie once again puts her confidence entirely in his hands.
A stylish, sparkling collaboration, see his work for yourself at Hotel Petit Paris.

Photographie Robin
  Vincent Bastie Architecte
Vincent Bastie

“Each project presents a whole new challenge. Our goal is to enable each crafted setting to express its own individual history”.

Vincent Bastie, at the head of his architects’s office for more than 20 years now, has made an enormous contribution towards changing the image of the hotel sector in Paris which lagged behind its competitors in other major European capital cities. He is the man responsible for its new image on the international stage.

The Hotel Petit Paris project involved the entire renovation of an 18th century apartment block. His task was to address the twin demands of the hotel sector and of urban design to create a supremely designer hotel of charm. He found that the renewal of this boutique hotel demanded considerable creativity and ingenuity.

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